Friday, October 31, 2008

Gatsby Styling Dance Contest.....Dance ur way accross Asia!

My first attempt for an online dance's a very last minute thing, just did what I could... :)


Thanks and Credits to:-
Dancer - Gary :P
Camera - Bung
Cameraman- Geo
Editing- Bung
Gatsby Moving Rubber Owner - Seow
Shot in Foyer Fakulti Perubatan & Sains Kesihatan, UPM

R.I.P Hero...2008!

Please dun ask me how he's a very tragic way to die!!! Poor thing...

Thanks 4 the company Hero and may God Bless You! We know God love u more than we do.....

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Festival of Lights!

Hell yeahh, im really feeling the urge to post on this coz it really brought a very significant difference in me! I really mean it.
Ok here it goes, as many know its Deepavali on the 27th Oct, I was still around in UPM and many wondered why. And Heeellllloooooo(diva style!~), Im Indian + my mum's a Hindu + I have the name ARWIN at the back and hence I have every reason to celebrate Deepavali! n there are ppl still askin me, "hey Gary, u celebrate Deepavali ar? Happy Deepavali AnYway" haha...i dun blame em, unless my name starts with Arwin (sounds more like an Indian than Gary). ANd yeahh, as I was mentioning, I didnt go back as I had some problems and sorry to some(mum, housemates and collegemates) coz I bluff all the way thru till the eve of Deepavali. :)
I tot it gonna be a Festival without Light but i was proved wrong, thanks to these people:-
Ah Soon
.....who were there for me to cheer me up since I didnt go back to celebrate this wonderful day wit my parents. Here how it goes...

On the 26th Oct, its one of my buddy's Birthday....Annas Bin Salled. We planned to do a surprise for him in it kicked off at night where I was the ajk kek dan pelaksana for the surprise at 8 pm like tat, i went to Serdang bakery to buy a cake 4 and guess wat happend, fcukin below:

An encounter wit the kakak at the bakery shop...
Kak Bakery: ya adik, nak beli apa?
Gary: nak beli kek la kak utk member nya birthday
Kak Bakery: Owhh, ok, pilihlah, ada banyak jenis nie..
Gary: Eeerrmmm, kak...antara kek-kek kat sini, yang mana lambat "lebur" ?!
At this time, the kakak gave me a cock stare lookin at me weirdly as i wondered why..
Kak Bakery: U mean kek yang lambat CAIR ker??!!!
Gary: la kak, Cair Cair...Lebur pulak. Sorry kak...:P
at this point of time, I was really pai sehh to the max and other shopkeepers at the bakery laughed at me d! DAMMMNNN!!!...~haha, i quickly paid 4 it and chow from that place...Malu siall!~

Then we had the surprise 'party' for Annas at his house and sempat pulak we framed Seow! haha...just 4 fun ek Seow! Ok ma, Ami cun mah! we're glad coz Annas loved the present we bought him! :)

Just received his present...see how happy is


Annas punye present...

And durin that night, Nicholas went out 4 a date owhh!

haha, n he really touched my heart as he returned he entered the door, he said..."Garryyy! Today we countdown Deepavali" as he took out a bottle of sparkling juice ! Wallaaaooo...Thanks ya bro! Seow pulak plan to buy mercun to make the atmosphere more cheerful but I said no need la since we are inside the college..thx ya!

I had a wonderful countdown wit them and woke up next morning feeling cheerful...Then Bung brought us out for lunch in Bangi the next day...

And at the same time too, i would like to tell thanks to Bung ! He knew i was feelin down coz i was unable to go back, so he brought me along to his frens hse, SIva in Subang for me to be able to have the Deepavali feel! Eventho' i've neva seen em before, but bung n his fren treated me as one of em!

Me, and Bung in Siva's hse with his other mates...

Thanks also to Prem and Priya akka who tapau for me Deepavali biscuits and Puttu Mayam which even strengthen's my feeling on Deepavali! Forgot to take the pic, before I realise, me and my frens sapu habis the foods! lol...

And also to Yi Pei! My dear lovely beautiful fren who gave me a Deepavali Card...which I get only once in 10 years! ya Yi Pei!~

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Malaysia vs Vietnam ( Pesta Bola Merdeka Final !)~

Malaysia is in the FINAL of PESTA BOLA MERDEKA AGAIN! Was feelin proud of em' since they thrashed all their opponents through to the finals. They were on form in reckon. All proved to be wrong till I witnessed it for myself in Staduim Bukit Jalil. They lost thanks to the damn fcukin tactics and gamplay they used!But we didn't lose terribally la, lost in penalties 6-5 after 0-0 in the 90 minutes plus extra time. Sorry to say bt im sad for Malaysia Football Team. Daammmnn! They were playin well but there were no finishin at all! Malaysia's defence, midfield, crossing and set pieces are really well contructed, but sad to say la, Harimau Malaya will still remain as Harimau Malaya after all.....And know somethin, this previous 2 years I went to stdium like about 5 times to cheer for Malaysia wit my flag and jersey but evrytime I will come back LOSING! HHHAAAAIIIIIHHHHHZZZZZZZZZZ........

The inner view of the stadium...sad to say, but crowd were not like in the 1970's...

People startin to fill up...

Got my ticket..tought it would be the winning ticket...Haaiihzzzz...

Malaysia in their traditional yellow/black while Vietnam in red...

Me, Khalil and Nasier with our flag...haha, rugi je beb kitorang konvoi motor! lol

SOme of the frustrated crowds..:(

The penalty showtime...i love Daud's penalty for Malaysia...he chipped it wei! Mad respect to him!...

And finally the Reds won! No pics after this coz we went back straight out of frustration while cursin' all the way back home... ;(

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Deepavali to all!

Thumbs up to Vickness for this unique photo comment!

Since it's been a while i've neva post anything, would like to take this opportunity to wish all Indians a very blessed Happy Deepavali! Too bad Indians in local univerisities are in the midst of finals and only have few days of break, Still it's ok, take the opportunity to cabut balik to ur hometowns! Care less bout ur exams! (IM SAYIN THAT???!!!) hahahaha...ANywayz, anyone who's doin open hse please do call me ya, i'll b around Selangor/KL this Deepavali (Muka TaK MaLU! :P) . Thanks to Amutha Akka for the early invitation... :), but got exam la akka on that day.! ANyway, appreciate it! Thx a lot ka a.k.a Senior! hehe

Friday, October 17, 2008