Thursday, May 21, 2009

MASUM 2009 !~

Majlis Sukan Universiti Malaysia or more prominently known as MASUM is the most anticipated games by University students where lots of talented athletes gather to battle against each other for the pride of their University. This time, it is held in Universiti Utara Malaysia, somewhere near Sintok in Kedah. It was my first time in MASUM to represent UPM for Futsal :). We started the selection and training for futsal as early as February, lots hardwork and commitment were shown in order to be selected in the team. Was quite hard as more than 30 potential UPM futsal-ers shortlisted by the coach came to try their luck and only 12 of them will be selected for MASUM. Thank God I did my best and got selected for the team!~ :)
So off we depart to Kedah with full of hope and confidence...left UPM around 11.45pm and reached there around 7am..was really a tiring journey, but my teamates had fun karaoke-ing all the way there! lol....
As soon as we reached there, we had some rest and at 2pm we went sight seeing pulak! haha..we went to Padang Besar, the border between Malaysia and Thailand! haha...nak massage pun boleH~ lol...We actually had lots of fun before the competition begin coz we went there 3 days before our 1st we went to Kuala Perlis, Changloon, etc etc...
Ok, back to MASUM...overall, UPM lost the competition in group stages, which is very sad...first game was against UITM, semi-finalist in the previous MASUM..I was not given a chance to play in that game coz before MASUM we had several friendly matches and I was not on it's my fault la! :(...we lost the first match 4-1 to the next match was do or die against the home team, UUM!...most of their players are from Thailand who are studyin there, so they are considered good la...this time I was given a chance to play, n I did well...I scored 1 goal, but was disallowed coz of foul play! Daammnnn..~...we were very near to winning the match, but coz of bias n factors related to home team advantage, they won 5-4 at the very last minute! Shhiiittt!~
But it was a very valuable experience least I tried my best 4 UPM!~ :), here's some snapshots at random order! :)

Teamates at Padang Besar

Align CenterWith UM's banner

On the way to Kuala Perlis..:)

With a donkey! haha

Raja Lawak UPM...!~ lol

On match day...

Me and Kahiruddin...



I was handed over the num 10 jersey! wwoohhooo..!~

Showing off my jersey n the shoes! haha..:P

Alor Star !~

Me and Fakhrul...Fakhrul played for Malaysian team in Slovenia last year...

Touchdown at UUM at 9am in the morning

During Majlis Penyerahan Bendera

The Squad...Futsal UPM 2009!~...3 more ppl missing from the pic..:P

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Birthday David Beckham!~

It's one of my favvy's birthday today! 2nd of May! None other than the great David Beckham! No matter what u guys might diss him, he is still GREAT!!~ :-)

And im greatly influenced by him...from hair styles to the jersey that I wear...he is still the best!