Thursday, February 28, 2008

Happy Wedding Anniversary Papa n Mummy and Happy Birthday Papa!!~

Alburns Dass A/L Pakinathan and Deviki A/P Gopalan Nambiar are proudly to be called parents of Kevin Raj A/L Alburns Dass and Gary Arwin A/L ALburns Dass. hehe, the names are quite long isn't it. About my parents, errmmmm, they got married on 19 Feb 1982 in Taiping, Perak. It's a love story which saw it's initiation during Pesta Pangkor back in those days. Got married and donated 2 handsome guys to the world, my elder bro n me. :P. We've been living in Jb for the past 18 years before shifting from Kuala Kangsar where my father used to work as a labour in KTM. Now he's working in Singapore as a Safety Supervisor in an Exonmobile company and my mum's a headmistress in a Kindergarten in JB. Unfortunately, both me n my brother have to stay away frm hse whr im pursuing my dreams while Kevin craving out his career.
FYI, after 9 days of my parents wedding, it's my dad's birthday pulak! wahhh, banyak gila celebration he havin. haha. ok la, dun want to talk too much. I'll intro them to u guys thru pics...

Thats My dad n my mum...taken in Sitiawan lasy year. What a beautiful couple!~ :)
Them again...
My dad n i durin last year's x'mas...
My dad n his fav brother, Peter uncle frm Melaka.
My dad posing maut after becoming the overall champion in dart....haiiihhh.
My bro in red, my grandmum (dad's mum) in the centre and my dad
My parents , aunty and cousin sister together with my coursemates...My mum and my cousin brother, taken in Taiping last yr.
And they produced 2 monkeys...Kevin and Gary!~ hehe

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

17 Ideal Carnival !~

Haha, I know this report/post in my blog quite late compared to the actual day of the event.Sorry la peeps, was bz like hell this past few days. Only now had time to narrate and FYI, it is 1am ++. haha. Ok, straight to the point, Kolej 17, UPM created another history of its own by organizing a carnival which is called "Karnival Ideal 17" on the 16th and 17th of Feb 2008.The main objective was to collect donation 4 the "Rumah Limpahan Kasih" (an orphanage home frm Puchong). This carnival was the first major project that was organized independently by MTM Kolej 17. Was a 2 day event, filled with hourly entertainment. To mention, we had few stalls opened that day (foods n beverages, clothes, topup shop, pet shop, etc). We also had Putra FM, the official UPM radio station rockin the ground on that day where they created havoc and made the atmosphere lively. They also aired live from K17 and brought down some artist( Infinatez of Gangstarz, Bunk Face and Musical NCLV) on those 2 days, cool sia !!~Big up to Aiman Putra FM aka Big Boy.
Another eye opener durin the event was the Satria GTI & NEO automobile show. Believe it or not, they did the Car Park Rally aka drift and made money, and all those money that they made was given to the Orphanage and they didn't even take a cent! Love those guys man! Big up to Aiman Satria and the gang! Ermmm, looks like im writing a lot which im not supposed to do in order to catch your attention, so let the pics dictate aite!~

Preparation before the event: Hanging up banners and posters around UPM.
Another hard work (without pay) : Carrying platform frm KMR and K11 to K17.hmmmm. Ponteng class somemore! lol
Was in Putra FM that fine friday to discuss things with Aiman aka Big Boi. Then had the chance to go around the "contee" and snap pics. :P
Karnival Ideal 17: " Berhibur Sambil Beramal".

Ambassador for Satria GTI??! lol
The organizing committee with People frm Putra FM and Satria
With Putra FM. FYI, the big guy is AIMAN!~ also known as Big Boy( now u know why ryte?!) hehe
Fell asleep...hehe. Love ya Aiman! So GAYYYY!~
Pic with Bunk Face, an invited band artist of the day.
Was rockin my One Eyed Cap !~
Pic to be framed.
Another inivited artist of the day... Infinitez of Gangstarz. Dope guys man.
Me with Bunk FaceMusical NCLV...the final artist performed on that day.

After all those hard work! The result is...~! It's all worth though!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sportsman of the Year !!? ~

It was "Malam Apresiasi Kolej" last Friday where contribution through cultural programs and sports were given recognition. Few awards were given out which includes "Olahragwan Harapan", "Olahragawati Harapan", "Bintang Seni Harapan Lelaki" and "Bintang Seni Harapan Perempuan". Haha, guess wat, i won the "Olahragwan Harapan" award! Fuhhhyyoohhh! it was a tight competition as there were only 2 person nominated for this category and he has all the rights to bag the award as well. This award would be like my "motivator" to persevere in this sports arena eventhough sometimes im restricted by my health condition(asthma) and forced to run around wit my inhaler.haha. FYI, this is my second “sportsman” award as I was awarded the same title back in Secondary school in JB. Anywayz, thanks to all whom supported me from my back and I dedicate this award to u guys out thr…Peace!~

Frm left: Ezman, Hazwan, Me, Mira, Wadi n ShamGeo, im lovin ur baju batik!~ hehe...Me n Mira
Hazwan (Bintang Seni Harapan) and Me (Olahragawan Harapan).The Medal that i won...quite sophisticated

can see my collection in my study room. yea, hungry 4 more...

Sportswoman of the Year Award !!!~

And guys, this is Lee Ami. My dear fren who is the Olahragawati Harapan.What a perfect couple kan?lol. She was not thr on that nite but this is the pic we took durin our course dinner. Congrats Ami!!~

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Malam Kebudayaan dan Kesenian Putra (MKSP) 2008!!!

MKSP, an annual event that is held by Persatuan Hindu UPM (PHUPM) that attracts lots of ppl which is not only from UPM, but mass around Selangor. A high budget show which aims to raise funds for the needy. Couldn't resist to take part in it too coz it showcases various talents among UPM Indian students. It's actually my 2nd time joining this show as performer. This year dancd 4 2 songs and brought in Hip-Hop/Breakdance element into Indian dancing.haha, some of u maybe laughing but that's one of my effort i've been wanting to do 4 a very long time. Can be said as one of the memorable day for myself as it took my confidence of performing in front of hundereds of ppl into another level. Most of the Indian students in UPM sacrificed their mid-sem break to prepare and make this show a successful one. Thumb ups to em'. And we are sure evryone who were present that day really enjoyed it. I'll upload the video soon as i dun have the copy yet.
Wit Prem
Wit Marie
Wit Geo
The 'Ponmagal Vandhal' guys...hehe

Brothers from the same college: Kalai, Viki, Sunjeet and Palani...
The Hall where the show was held...look at the amount of chairs and imagine it was fully occupied with ppl!~ Wooow, thats cool...

A moment of deep thoughts hours before the show begins...scary balls!~
The "Romeo" guys...
Putra Kalakshektra
Wit Wadi
Wit Sham
Wit Kosh

There is also a write up about MKSP in MInds Blog (Malaysian Indian's Blog).So darnn cool man...props to my super duper nutrition senior, Amutha a.k.a Tulipspeaks. click here for the link.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Meng Wan Music Video-Point Blanc feat Mc Yan of LMF & Uncle Real.....Chinese New Year Release!!!

Another Malaysian Hip-Hop heavy weight, Point Blanc, released his music video which features Mc Yan of Lazy Muthafucka. Nice shot, truly Malaysian! Lovin it ~

Monday, February 11, 2008

Yogi B & Natchatra Hip-Hop Era Video Release !!!

For those who know Yogi B & Natchatra, their long anticipated video is now available to be viewed. Hip-hop Era which was on high rotation on the radio stations around the world is now on video. But for me, unfortunately it didn't meet my expectation. Looked like a home made video instead of MTV standard which i expected. Could have done better with few breakdancers and fresh lookin cloths but it's ok tho' coz they still reppin' Malaysia to the fullest. Thumbs up 4's the video

Saturday, February 9, 2008

6th February 2008 ( Chinese New Year's Eve)

Was in hostel the whole week 4 the chinese new year mid-sem break coz had practise and was busy preparing 4 the performance 4 MKSP. Was a memorable week, packed with lotsa stuffs, practise and rehearsal. That fine wednesday of the week, my dance groupmates n me planned to go out buy stuffs needed 4 the performance. Was a long day event but was fun though. LAter that evening, went to Putrajaya 4 a wnderful view scenery. By the way, some pics taken on the day...

Geo holdin the tip of the landmark.hahaha
Guys, u gotta stay out of this shop man...scarry balls. It's like a gothic + black metal shop which only allows the members to enter the shop. What the Fish?! How are they gonna make money then? lol...By the way, it's in Berjaya Times Square.
This shop which is also situated in Berjaya Times Square is damn freaky cool sia. The shirts are so damn fresh. Gonna cop one next month when the new arrivals comes in.
Prem advertising her Mongkok Fashion merchandise. Its her favourite shop. haha, lol
What?! haha. Traditional pose wearing modern cloths
Shooting stars?! or Meteor GArden?! lol

Later that evening went down to the training ground to watch KL Plus football club training. Was so darn cool man. Eventhough they are not Beckham, Kaka or Ronaldo, its still a kick watching Malaysian Professional Footballers train on the ground. Wish to be there someday!~ Haihhh...