Monday, March 31, 2008

My Partner have AIDS!!!.... so what?!?

Picture this, you're a girl in your early tweenties. You have such a great boyfriend. You love him so much and he loves you that much too, or so you thought so. One lovely day, you 2 are at your lovely room. Yes, you guys started off with normal chats, and it progresses to a certain extent in which you never thought it will happen. Sadly, a lot of youngsters always fall into that kinda temptation. And the one you love says:

"Let's make love"

His eyes were lovely and passionate. You just can't be cruel enough to turn him down. Or perhaps, you want to turn him down for the sake of respect and virginity but you don't know how to. Or, maybe you don't mind but you asked him to wear a condom yet he refused.

So, what will you do?

Probably, you decide to carry on. Yet, who knows is he cleared of the virus or not. You aren't really sure of his history, or perhaps you know him well but he never really reveals some of his stories. For the 'love', 'excitement', and 'passion' , you fall into the valley of lust and continue with his request. And kaboom!!!

What if he's HIV POSITIVE?

and you didn't know.

When you realised it, it's too late. You wished you could turn the hands of time, back to that moment, when you know how to reject him, or how to convince him. You are so darn frustrated because you are not firm enough with yourself, or you hated yourself for not knowing how to tell him. You even blamed yourself for falling into temptations at the first place.

You hope, that you knew how to deal with it at that time.

But, it's too late. He's passed the virus to you.

As youth, we always think that we know how to handle situations.

We think that we are able to deal with our emotions.

We are so sure that we will never get trapped by temptations.

But when the real time strikes, are most of us able to do it?

Never ever get yourself into this trouble.

Learn how to deal with it.

No one to teach you?

Join Mission Possible Conference.

An event specially for you and your friends.

More details, click HERE.

Date : 1 -4 May

Venue : Universiti Putra Malaysia

Contact us at:

To register, download our form at the side bar. :)


"You can make a difference"

A story from: popjammerz@rue

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Oookkk....I've updated !~ hehe

I've been hearing lots of complaints that my blog has not been updated yet. Haiiihhhzzz....the recent one came frm Prem who said, " u know what Gary, i'll read ur blog whenever im stressed up, but it's been a while since u last updated ryte?". I was like toughts and my words can actually cool down ppl's emotions?!Haha...but on any rate, i've been wanting to update as much as i can like Rue-Hann's blog, and if possible evryday but the only factor comes in the way is, TIME!!!...been bz this past few weeks and all the while i'll been thinking of wat to post on the blog.but whn im in front of my laptop....whhuusshhhh, all my ideas gone!~ haha. nvm la, i've been collecting some pics to let ya'll see. And as usual, let my pic tell the story...

Chua, Hilmi and Mursyid havin their "Ramen".
Me and Hilmi havin our lunch at Ichiban Ramen in Jusco Balakong.
The rest of the gang in front of Inchiban after our heavy meal.
Malique of Too Phat's Autographed CD!!! My fav Malaysian rapper came out with his solo album titled OK!. Hot from the racks baby~
Chua wit his " I Miss Dr N" 's pose. hahah. nice scenery yah!~

Haha...Megat in the LONGKANG! Both of us tried to sneak in the locked K17's water tank thru the drain. damnn cool siaaa....
Mr Annas aka Creamson aka Roocker Boy aka Cherry Lips. hahaha
The award i got durin my college's dinner "MAKJASA". Anugerah Khas Pengetua. Received frm Yg Brg Dr Zahid Hamidi. was damn proud siot!~hehe

My new wife~ WRC 8476

Mr Samyvellu was on the papers almost evryday man. Wht a instant celebrity!hehhe. Miss u fren.!~
Dass got a new snake in his room. it was sleepin whn i took the pic.
My dear Juliana got me Rotiboy! How sweet~ Thanks Ah Ju~
Yeahh, discovered a new couple in K17....Firdaus and Li Ping. what a perfect couple! U guys cant deny it, i've taken the pic! hahaha
Sibat and Seow durin our outing to Mid Valley.
Got it at Mid Valley....Adidas-50% discout baby!~
I was in Jb one of the weekends. Then went to Pizza to order my dinner. Then whn i was waiting outside, saw this cute little boy and his dad paying "tax" to the government. hahaha!~ Enlarge the pic ppl...
It's kinda nice to see ppl compliment stuffs that i wear. Now, they want to experience becomin Gary themselve!~
Kalai posin wit my jersey n cap.
And lastly it's Pa'an's turn to wear it. hahaha

By the way, would like to announce another blog by my fren Geo Allen George. Peep it ppl!~

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mission Possible Conference by AIESEC UPM !!!

Have you ever tried hugging a person who is HIV positive?
If one of them wanna hug you, what will you do?
People has been stigmatizing those who are HIV Positive, or you could say, those who have AIDS.
AIDS is just a syndrome where our Immune Defense System is DOWN.
Yet, ANYONE can get AIDS.
No matter you are a teenager, a young adult, a person at the age of 80, an infant, or even...a baby in the mother's womb.
Yet, AIDS can be prevented. Trasmission of the HIV virus can be prevented.
If we know the way. Sadly, the public does not know much about it.
Youth does not really know what is HIV/AIDS.
Let's all fight HIV/AIDS together.
Gathering all YOUTH from all over Malaysia to fight HIV/AIDS.
An event you will never want to miss.
Be exposed.
Be impacted.
Experience it.
Click the poster below for more informations.

Visit our website:

Click to enter

or you can just contact me:



see u there!

Friday, March 14, 2008

PHUPM's Annual Dinner and MKSP Appreciation Nite !!!

Soooo Denggg!!! I had a test (Epidemiology) on Friday 14th of March but had a dinner to attend the day before that is 13th of March!!! What the heckk? Didnt had the heart to go as i need more time to revise for my test the very next day. But i went though!~ So Dengggg! But after the dinner, not so dengg anymore la, I had fun meetin frens and socializing. Aite, as usual...PICSSS!!!~Me and Loges
Me and Magen
Me and Nisha Chechi....Congrats to her 4 the award!~
Me and Saras
Me and Ratna Devi

Me and Maniraj
Me and Ruben tha' Rapper~
Me and Karthik
Me and Okaz aka UPM's MGR.hehe

Kalai and Viki (Jimmer)
Palani, me and Wadi
Dass. Permenant AJK of Pengangkutan and Logistik. :)
G. Kalaiamuthan
Me and Murugan

Monday, March 10, 2008

Mission Possible Conference by AIESEC UPM !!!

Yes it's
You can make a difference!
18 - 25 years old !!!
interested in knowing more about HIV/AIDS!!!
interested in meeting friends from different universities and colleges in Malaysia!!!
wanting to develop your soft skills!!!
curious about people who are living with HIV/AIDS!!!
hoping to talk with people who live with it and hear their stories!!!
interested in travelling abroad to other countries!!!
If you fullfill any criteria above...
You are eligible to join our MISSION POSSIBLE CONFERENCE!!!
Will be posting more about the updates soon.
Just stay tuned!!!
Feel free to visit our webbie..
Further info, contact:
Rue-Hann (0176286468)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Weekend in the Island Of Temptation -> Singapore!!

Last weekend had a break off to JB to be with family (homesick la konon!) haha. Sick n exhausted of daily life in Uni. So went back lo. That Sunday went to Singapore with family to visit my aunt and to SHOOOOPPPP. Yeeaahh, coz my dad said he will sponsore! We actually didn't had the plan to go SG coz of the incident of Mas Selamat( heard of him?!), a terrorist who escaped frm jail in SG few days back. So the immigration checkpoint was packed and crammed with cars and motorcycles coz of 100% checkup at the customs (fear that Mas Selamat might escape frm SG to MY).hmmm, but we went to SG tho'. haha.

My cousin bro, Praveen frn S'pore.
The "Limited Ed" shop in shop sia. Sorry 4 the blurry pic~ :P
Sweet talk...a very popular shop among S'poreans, sellin bubble tea
Bubble Milk Tea that i bought

HDB area in Jurong West

Jurong Point, the HDB flat where my aunt stays
Busy road of Jurong
Look at this shyytt man, wooow. cool sia
Now u know why i turnd into a sneaker pimp and the reason why I call S'pore as the Island Of Temptation ryte!
The Jersey that i wantd to get 4 myself 4 a very long time, got it at last baybee. Tottenham Hotspur .

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Arwin has something to say about election, especially to Indians!

He'ya guys, as usual it's been a while since the last time i updated my blog. So here i am~. :P. Was thinking of an idea on what i should write this past few days and suddenly thought why not i do somethin on election since it's just around the corner. Hmmm, since im a registered voter, im sure i have evry rights to government or critic and have my own freedom of say. Im not a political activist nor someone who knows well about Malaysia's affair coz i seldom read the paper and watch news.haha, but this is my point of view. So lets begin,

-> Hindraf? Anti-Samyvellu? Say No to BN? MIC Sucks? <-

WTF?!! Yeahh, i used to be ashamed of Dato Seri Samyvellu, not because of his leadership but because of his inproper Malay language usage! He's been ruling the MIC party 4 quite some time and to the matter of fact, we Indians are still safe and intact in Malaysia, in fact scatterd all around Malaysia. And yet we claim we are being treated unfair! Ermmm, so where it all went wrong? It initiated last year when the Indian temple being demolished by the government, yeahh i agree it's a harsh thing to do. But do you think the government would be enjoy doing that?! As what i read from media sources sayin that the temple that was built years and years ago is not registered and the organization running the temple do not possess any proper and legal documents that they can build the temple. (true?) Knowing that Indians do have "massive" knowledge and understanding bout government and law, why didn't the organization register the temple legally?! I can say there are fault in both parties.
But now HINDRAF pulak?! Do u guys realise HINDRAF came thru and were "hyperactive" only when the election is nearing? Before that, i didn't realise HINDRAF existed. Another "playing behind the backs" is it ??? haha. ok,moving on, why ppl are urging each other not to vote for the ruling party(BN)? Because Samyvellu is in it? Because HINDRAF is not affiliated with BN? Or because they want either PAS or KEADILAN to rule Malaysia???? Realise it? if not BN taking over, it's either that 2 oppositions that might take over. And do u ppl realise what the consequences could be? I dont dare to say it coz it may be sensitive and ppl might sue my blog! haha, actually ok also ryte, i can be as famous as Kenny Sia! hmmmm. lol. So, do Malaysians really want to feel the intense of being ruled by an opposition party? What do the oppositions promise to give that BN couldn't give us? Each household gets a free car? all children in each household get to study for medicine and health sciences?each household get regular income at the beginning of each month without even need to work? Dreamm on ppl. U ppl might probably experince the same thing and it can even be lesser than what u guys would have experienced when BN was ruling Malaysia. Actually im not so familiar or well known about government, but here's my 2 cents.Sorry if i offend anyone in the process!