Thursday, January 31, 2008

Pimpin' my cap !~

Caps, caps and more caps...sometimes i prefer ppl callin me 'the cap pimp' instead of 'the sneaker pimp' !!! Another product frm Echo Park which 'stole' my money.haha. They are so alluring that i cant resist to cope one evrytime i visit there. Daayyymmmnnn...Anyhow, im in a mission of collecting fitted and hip-hop caps merchandised by Malaysian designers. Let the pics dictate~

Echo Park's "BONE"
Collection of some Malaysian products...KL Cap by Too Phat, One Eyed Voyeurizm Cap by Point Blanc and "BONE" Cap by Echo Prk. $$$ baby...
The view from Mid Valley's bridge connecting the KTM...Nice scenery~

Monday, January 28, 2008


Sorry peeps, i know it's been a while since i last blogged. Was busy with outdoor activities and havin test throughout the week. Nothin much happened around me these past few days, except 4...

1.Got 3rd in the UPM Intercollege Marathon competition last week (13 Jan 2008)

2.The AGM 4 CSSUPM was held last sunday ( 27th January 2008) at GAZEBO. Was a day to remember 4 the EXCO 2007/2008 members. Only got some pics wit me, will put up more when i get it from others
My partner in crime, Odelia. The Information Coordinator and Assistant Information Coordinator CSSUPM 2007/2008. Thx 4 evrythin ya Odi !~
Frens, this is Jocelyn and once u start talkin to her, thats it, cant finish wan. haha. Gonna miss u too Jo !~ Make sure u bring Percival evrytime to chapel k! haha

I think thats some of the major stuffs that happened around me the past few weeks, n will continue to be busy this week n next week with dance practise, performances n all. Will update u guys soon, so anticipate it!~

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Chua Cheong Hong !!!

It's 22nd Jan and guess wat, it's my bro's birthday man! He goes by the name of Chua Cheong Hong and currently 22 yrs ol'. Too bad he's taken la by Abg N....~ hehehe. Celebrated his b'day 12 midnite and somesort of a surprise party...dunno jadi o not la but we tried our very best tho.hehe. Sibat, Megat, Hilmi, Felix, CHua, Mursyid, Kew, Gary, Choo Yan and Shawn
Look at Felix man~ haha!
In the lecture hallI love Studyin man!~lol :p
Thanks Rue-Hann 4 the cd. Very sweet of u! Love ya~

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ponggal Festival UPM 2008 !!!

Wooshhh, 18th January and 19th January was freaky busy days 4 me! On the 18th January, my residential college made a history when the basketball team became the champions of the intercollege competition held in the stadium. My dear roomate, Choo Yan aka Leng Chai was the captain and im very proud they did it! hehe. I was there to witness the history in the making with my own eyes. Cool!~

Later that night, was preparing stuffs 4 the ponggal festival in bkt ekspo, UPM( to those who know la). It prolonged till 5 am in the mornin and had to rush back to bkt ekspo at 9 am the next morning. Dammnn, lack of sleep siaa. But had fun with new experiences tho'!~
The whole gang of K10 and K17
That's the "pandal" we set up the day before, using bamboos, sticks, leaves, etc. Generally only using greeny stuffs! Cool huh~
One of the game held on the day, its called "velakamarram" somethin like tat.
One of the "pandal" that captured my attention. Done by KTP. Damn cun sia!~

One fine Thursday

Kids!!! Haiihh, my mum use to tell me a lot about havin fun with little kids coz she's a headmaster in the kindergarten and she deals with kids practically evryday. And usually i ignored until last thursday when i went to the kindergarten to do nutritional assesment on the kids. haha, they are not bad and annoying afterall.haha
Tadika Serdang
Members of D42 striking a pose
Me and Megat with Adni (pemalu gila!~haha)
Mr Nutritionist assesing Mr Adni.hehe
This little girl like the red coloured teletubies. really!
Later at nite durin dinner, discovered somethin. New packaging of pepsi. has smaller quantity than the normal wan. Cool tho'!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What'zup ya'll !~

Hey hey, it's ur boi Gary and it's my first time blogging in my own space. Welcome aboard ppl! I'll be updating regularly about stuffs happening around me and would be some sort my "non-personal" diary. he he. Been wanting to do this long time ago but, haihhzzz.too lazy to do that's all 4 the intro, so let me take a piss first before my next post. hehe, excuse me ya!