Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My Dream Came True!!!

Ever since I started to dance n break...i alwayz wanted to be featured in Music Video dancing for a rapper...and Thanks to Raj Anna with his Arkay Productions, it eventually came true! Had a hectic day last saturday with the shooting from morning to late evening around Putrajaya. I think im not supposed to expose the artist and his song but here are some snippets...By the way, he's a very famous rapper in Tamil Industry in Malaysia...the rest will be posted soon after I get the permission from Eden Studioz & Arkay Productionz...so here it is for now...

The album and the video will be out soon....Honestly the song is relly nice n surely will hit the charts soon! Wait for it.... :P

Welcome Home Hero!~

Thanks to Ching Guan n Geo who gave me this little brat which eventually became my significant other! haha...It's my Hamster. It's a 'HE' since it has little tinny minny penis! haha....I call it Hero coz one of my fren said...."Why dun name him Hiiro coz Hiiro means grey in Japanese"...so I modified it to Hero to make him sound more cool! haha...he's now my roomate/playmate/bestie and i think it's worth to spent for him...haha

I spent around RM60+ for his cage,Chipsi(Habuk Kayu) and for his food. High maintanence ryte this little guy....but sleep sleep n sleep is what he does the best! Dammnnnn....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

WHats Next?!

Exmas are over....Mid Sem Break is just around the corner....Raya Break is Around the corner..have a lot of upcoming events in the coming days, so there wont be any holidays for me i guess!! hmmmm...can't even go back JB since im having my chapel's camp as well as a video shoot with Raj Anna for a local rapper.Tought of going back on Tuesday or Wednesday, but it seems like too late coz there's no return ticket frm Jb back to Kl on the date i wanted. I'll just have to hang around here and become 'temporary' security guard for 17th college. Haha...i wish i get paid! :P

Saturday, September 20, 2008

K17 Natyanjali Clips!

This is our performance for UPM's 'A Nite of Natyanjali' dance competition under the contemporary category...Samba samba, Thriller style baybeh! :P

While this is for the semi-classical category...Overall we won 7 or 8 awards man! Dun play-play kay! ;p

For artist booking, please contact -012-1234567 or visit our official website, www.kita-berjaya-sapu-arang.upm.edu.my...hahaha!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

3? Are u sure? WTF ??!

Tomm I have 3 test siaaa!
Geriatric, Econ and Mandarin!!
And only 1 test is somewhat related to nutrition!
And I still can play futsal and blog! WTF!!?
Okay...back to studies :P

Improved Motor Macha !!

Does this signboard mean we have to send only 'Improved Motor' for repair??! hahaha
By the way, it's a macha's motor 'stall' in Serdang. And Annas became the official spokesman for Improved Motor! haha

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Silent Killer !~

Been sufferin frm mild asthma since the past few weeks n was wonderin why. Thn my mum called up n said "maybe u didn't sweep n mop ur room, that's why and dun evrytime blame me 4 inheritin asthma to u ok!" haha....so i swept my room the very next minute n this is the outcome...

Result frm weeks of lazyness!~ :p

Thn that night i didnt touch my inhaler as well as my ventolin pills. Not bad after all but still have the weezing now here and then. Dammmnnn....:(

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Maha 2008 !

Maha 2008, an agricultural based expo which was held throughout August attracted almost thousands of people. I was quite surprised when the JKR people kind of "repaired" the road heading to MARDI somewhere near June or July.But it was all for a cause, MAHA 2008! Thank god Maha exist man, if not the road will still be without proper road and road lights which will get my nerves riding my bike back to my Kolej. Okayy, enuff of being sarcastic, let me dictate thru' pics. :P
It seems this food is popular back in Johor....neva heard bout it even after 16 years stayin there.lol. Thanx to Cheong Hong who bought this 4 me...and thx 4 the ice-blended cappuchino.! hehe

Back in other places, it' seems this food is alcoholic! People call it....forgot d la! Not bad la the taste, but u'll reach the treshold eatin only 3/4 of this. haha

Chua dealin' wit one of the shopkeeper bout the plants...she seems interested in him! hehe
Cheong Heong has the charms! :p

Bought this!
And this!!!

But not this! Mahal la braderrr...

The front view of the shop that sells this exotic plants frm Cameron Highlands.

Me wit' a really really large bonzai!

FAMA going tech savvy man! Chua's on it....wonder if Kedah has it!? lol

The plants that we bought taken in my room with k17 backdrop!~ lol...nice pic ryte?! see la who took...lol

poor insects and bugs....me and Chua went on a hunt for this around blok D to feed our flytrap and hookeriana.

I bought this as well....it seems it's made out of camel's milk! hmmmm, sounds exotic doesn't it!~

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Soulja Boy in tha house baby!!! Hahaha

Once upon a day, I met a fren by the name of Seow Jin Yan and he is a normal Average Joe like the others. Below is the guy im refering to:

BUT NOW!!!! He's like the hottest guy in K17 wehh! U Know Why?!!!


Check him out here----->SEOW

HAHAHa .... :P....The promo how bro?Ok va?!