Monday, April 21, 2008

My "wife" was ill for the very first time!~

Hmmm. Just bought the bike about 3 weeks ago and now, encountered the first prob. Nothin much la, just that my back tyre suddenly went out of air while i was on the road!~ Thank god nothin happened to me as i scrapped my way out of the intense moment on the road! haha. Had a very sad day that time!~ :(
Called a foreman and got it all repaired. Cost me RM 18 bugs wehh!~ Haiihhzzz, nvm. At least my "wife" is in good condition now. Later after tat, brought my bike for its first service. Also cost me a bomb, RM 39. haha, nvm la, any amount for me bike!~ lol. Will be sending back my bike to JB since my semester is coming towards d end d.

Look at the flat tyre man~ Sakit hati aku...

Bike is under service

Okay its all done!~

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I contracted the " You've been tagged" disease...

Haha...exactly, it's an epidemic. Beware people.~ Only susceptible to bloggers! haha. I contracted it from Rue-Hann. Anyway, i feel honoured coz got tagged by her and at the same time its another indirect way where i can update my blog! haha. Okay...let's get started.


1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules in your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger's blogs letting them know they've been tagged.

1. I'm down with local hip-hop stuffs. Unlike any other hip-hop enthusiast, my preference is only for local artist such as Joe Flizzow, Point Blanc, EmceeDavid, Yogi B , etc instead of "worshiping" Eminem, 50 cent, Dr Dre etc... People sometimes say im a weirdo..(is it?! lol) I have stacks of cd's and cassette's as my collection about 30 of em' and about 26 or 27 of em' are locally made. The rest (international albums) belongs to my bro.

2. Sometimes, i love to be alone. People see me as a person who is highly connected to others and are socially active, but sometimes deep in my heart, i love to be alone. But only on certain times, not all.

3. Craving for Jersey's.! Hell yeah, my pocket money as well as my income all went down to Weston Ptd Ltd ( a shop in Singapore selling all the genuine jerseys worlwide). Dun ask me how much i spent there!~ coz more to spend in comin years. wahahaha

4. From zero to hero. I was a dumbass kid especially when it comes to sports durin my ealry years of life. I was not into football and stuffs. But later on, i "evolved" and developed loads of mitochondria in my body.haha. Imagine this, was allergic to sports during my younger years and now awarded as Sportsman of The Year twice!~ Cool huh...~

5. My first crush was my ENGLISH TEACHER!!! Haha, may sound funny but it's true. Was my english cum class teacher durin my primary schools. She portrayed as the most beautiful, caring, elegant plus charismatic woman after my mum. Was sooo into her last time till me and my classmates will be competing against each other to impress her in terms of marks, grades and attitude!~ haahha, funny aint it.

6. Single for 22 years so far and counting. This is the most popular topic discussed by people surrounding me including my MUM and DAD!~ haha. They dun really believe i've been single for this long!.haha. To clarify it, yess, i've been single all this while.

okay, rules say 6, so i've done my top 6. Still got more but i'll save it for next

With confidence, i declare the 6 chosen people who will contract my tagging "disease". Can i say declare?! Nevamind are the lucky 6 persons...~

1. Amutha a.k.a Tulip Speaks

2. Geo Allen George

3. Vivek

4.Raj Kumar

5. Hanusha

6. Izzat

Sorry guys, not a way to punish or somesort of a "chain letter". Just a fun "epidemic" among bloggers. hehe. STAND UP BLOGGERZ!~

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Yeeaahh...Alburns Family gettin installed with new stuffs!!!~'s my bro's new mobile partner!~ hehe. Perodua Myvi silver surfer baby!~ JKW 5767 added another new chapter into his textbook. He looked quite happy satisfied and happy gettin hold of his new baby. Ermm, now i got a reason to lepak around KL d.haha.

Yeah, first time sittin in the new carthe interior view

Kevin goin around the car lookin 4 any defects.hehe

The backview

Mr Longzali briefing my bro about the new car

More briefing~And yeah, Kevin's ready to surf!~

Okay, Kevin got a new car and so what?! I got a new bike to.hehe. But it is already around 3 weeks old d. STill it's new okay!~ I neva really write up about my new "wife" and i'll kinda do it here la. So, my bike's called Nouvo S by Yamaha. Malaysian scooter. Yeah, im sooo in Loovveee with scooterz!~.They are so farkin' cool!!!. Was like so crazy over scotter durin my high school and wanted to get my hand on it and join the scooter's club in Malaysia and modify it wit cun accessories and all that. but too bad my parents was against me gettin a bike back then. They are fine now!~ Have lots of future plans for my WRC 8476. Be prepared baby!~ hehe

Yeah, the hip lookin NouvoThe back view, yeeeahhh...Hidup Scooterizm!~

Looks clean n shiny coz just washed it the day before!~ hehe

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Home sweet home!!~

Or shall i say Toilet sweet toilet?!

haha...okay, basically it's like this. Most of my coursemates in UPM (nutrition) planned to go out lepak after my exams ( actually left one more which is BBI which is not so hard which we think we can score which dont have that much to study which we think...brrrahhh!~). Ok, ya know. But then we, which i mean my housemates n i plannned somethin EXTRAORDINARY!~ hehe. We stayed at home to wash the toliet instead.!~
It's been like few months we didnt wash the toilet and it's fully accommodated by various kinds of microb and which some which might not be found in other parts of the world can be found here in our toilet!!! haha, u can imagine i guess. Thats why i didnt include the pics before we clean the toilet!

Okay and i know u girls out there will be like, "Lorrhhh, cuci tandas pun nak post kat blog"!...ok fine~ But consider us la, dah lah we all guys, then we cuci tandas bersih-bersih pulak tu. Sure my mum will be very proud of me man!~ haha.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Im still alive baybee.!~

Aite whatzzup whatzzup mic check one two one's ur boi Gary on the key board again and this is how i roll.~ oK FInE...FIRST things FIRST...

1. why didn't u update the blog regularly and the last time u did that was like 2 weeks ago?!
2. why ur appearance was not felt in the football field!?
3. where have u been this past few weeks?!

Goddammmnnn.....ok fInE. Hahhhhiiiiihhhhhhzzzzzzzzzzzzz

LoT's Of thinGs HappeNed aroUnD me ThiS PasT fEw, Like UsuAl, i'LL comPreSs eVryThing Into OnE post. Must Be EcoNomIc mah, Ways tO sAve $, lol.

okay...exam week is on and Gary is really living in his unusual sedentary lifestyle. Damnn, my so-called 6 packs are almost gone!~ WTF?! ( But not to worry, 6 packs can't really attract girls, my coursemate Li Ping told me that). THANK GOD!~ hahaha.

Just finished one paper just now and one more left to go which is next tuesday. Now im all set to get the pail together with the sponge to bath my dear saayang called WRC 8467. haha, its actually my bike la fren. Been like 3 weeks since i bought and the condition liike f***in dirty. OOOpppssss, sorry, im just expressing my feelins aite. No harm!~

Before the exam period started, i experinced the worst asthma attack in my whole stay in UPM.! Waahh, like so bangga like tat. Pusat Kesihatan in UPM not bad wehh, so generous to give out medicine like nobody's bussiness. The amount of pills=to my daily lunch!!! Eat until i get more sick!!~ woooww, u can imagine ryte?! Free somemore, lagi best. So my advice is, enroll into UPM and get sick regularly.!~

haha, no la, actually i consider myself lucky coz i really save my $!~. Money lagi!~ Sengkek lar Gary nie.

Damnn, ok, u see, My ventolin inhaler is like RM 30++ and when my attack gets worst, have to go for Nebulizer which cost me around RM 20 for each visit( a machine designed for asthma patients, somethin like inhaler, but have larger dose of the ventolin). TOTAL= RM 50 ++.!~ Dammnn...can use tat money to call lenglui go makan ryte. haiyaaa...~

ermmmm, actually i have a bit more to write but i'll save it for the next post la, got few topic lined up which i think might be interesting. So stay back and chill for the updates to be up aite!~
So Long ADiOs!~

Peace ~_~!