Friday, November 21, 2008

My Birthday Post !~

Happy Birthday Gary! hehe :)....
It's my 22nd birthday n owhh gettin old d sia! It's all in the game, it's ok~ haha
Last year I had my gang of coursemates to celebrate my 21st was a real birthday bash!

Some of my coursemates who celebrated my b'day in my hse last yr..Thx again guys!

spotted some lenglui's in my hall as well...haha

This year im doin it alone with my mum n dad coz my gang in Jb is not around...waitin 4 thm to come back Jb...haaaiihhhzzzz, not too bad tho' but i have a confession to make on my blog on my b'day...not really a confession la but eerrrrmmmm, how to put it, somethin like a info i would like to tell u ppl out thr... it is...

How I got the name Gary Arwin...!

hehe, kind of funny but im proud how it originated..
I popped the question to my parents when I was in my primary 4 I guess...I went like..."Mummy papa, why u guys named me Gary Arwin?"....and the whole story begin...;)

Ok, the name GARY was actually given by my dad while my mum gave me the name ARWIN
How Gary crossed my dad's mind?...haha, it's like tis
I was born in the year's the year where the world cup was held in Mexico....England took part in it and the great player by the name of Gary Lineker craved his name establishing himself as the top scorer in the tournament with 10 goals in 6 games. Woowwww!
And eventually I touched my feet on the earth on 1986 after the world cup and my dad named me after him as Gary Lineker was one of the best player at that point of time and my dad is football crazy just like me!. Hold on, I WAS NAMED AFTER A GREAT FOOTBALLER?! very very happy n proud of it sia! mum didnt like the idea tho' but, my dad had the last say..haha. Now u know how I got into football ryte! lol....

Gary Lineker after scoring 4 goals against Turkey...England won 4-2

and know what, Gary Lineker came to Malaysia before in 1991 to play for England in a friendly match against the Malaysian National team...England Beat Malaysia 4-2 and Gary Lineker scored all 4 goals in National Stadium, Kuala Lumpur! Waaallaaooo~
Some facts about him...if ur interested that is :p

Gary Lineker
Born: 30 November 1960 (Leicester)

Clubs: 1976-1975 Leicester City (194games, 95 goals)
1985-1986 Everton (41 games, 30 goals)
1986-1989 Barcelona (99 games, 44 goals)
1989-1992 Tottenham Hotspur (105 games, 67 goals)
1992-1994 Nagoya Grampus 8 (Japan)

International debut: 1984 v Scotland
International record: 80 games, 48 goals

Honours: 1980 Second division Championship(Leicester)
1986 English Footballer of the Year
1986 World Cup Top Scorer (6 goals)
1988 Spanish Cup (Barcelona)
1989 European Cup-Winners Cup (Barcelona)
1991 FA Cup (Tottenham Hotspur)

  • Goalscoring hero turned TV presenter, Gary Linker is England's second highestgoalscorer, with 48 goals, just one behind Bobby Charlton. He had a chance to equal the record against Brazil in 1992 but his penalty wassaved.
  • Lineker is Englands leading World Cup goalscorer, though with 10 in total. 6 of these in came in Mexico and four in Italy.
  • The first of Linekers five England hat-tricks came in October 1985 in aWorld Cup qualifier against Turkey.
  • He is the only player to have scored all four England goals in a match,and has done it in two 4-2 away wins. The first was in 1987 againstSpain and the second in 1991 against Malaysia.
  • At club level Lineker had to wait until he joined Barcelona before winningany major honours.
  • In his last internaional, against Sweden in 1992, Lineker was substitutedby Graham Taylor in favour of Alan Smith. Engalnd went on to losethe match and went out of the European Chamionships...
  • Lineker was not booked once throughout his career.
  • At Grampus 8, Lineker worked with Arsene Wenger, who has gone on to greatsuccess at Arsenal.
  • Since retiring Gary Lineker has become a regular BBC football presenter,a captain on the quiz show They think its all over and has alsoadvertised Walker's Crisps (he even had a flavour - Salt and Lineker -named after him) !!!

Ok, and how Arwin came by?
as u know, Arwin was named by my mum...she had the Hindu background hence she gave me a hindu name as well... according to her, it originated from some ancient sami named Arvind...and she did some modification and it became Arwin.haha, nice ryte? :P my mum didn't really elaborate more bout it but I found this out in -> The boy's name Arwin \a-rwin, ar-win\ is a variant of Arvin (English, Old German), and the meaning of Arwin is "people's friend". Arwin is a very rare male first name and a very rare surname....:)

So here the morale of the story...if my dad can name me after a footballer, why can't I name my son(if I have any,haha) after a footballer too like Cristiano or Ronaldo?!...hehe, im certainly gonna do that! :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What the FISH ?!!

My house punya internet connection cocked up n I dont have any idea why I can't online from my home, so here I am bloggin from a cybercafe near my house! Dammmnnnn, it's been a while since I came to a cybercafe, I remember comin here after skipping school to play counter strike with my school frens! lol, it's good to be back!....Anyway, as I opened my mail here just now, I received this little piece of email SHIT from it goes~

"Thanks for your participation.

We are glad that you put in your effort for this contest. Sadly you are not being shortlisted. However you can be the judge and vote for your favorite dance video. Be a part of this exhilarating event!

Your vote may decide who is the Finalist for the Malaysia final GATSBY Styling Dance Contest. Contest winner will fly on an all-expense-paid trip to compete in the GATSBY Styling Dance Asia in Tokyo, Japan on 28th February 2009.


How come?! Why it got rejected? They know how susah payah n hardwork it caused for me to take the video!? I troubled a lot of people in the process...myself, Geo, Bung, Seow and some others!

First of all...I didn't want to enter the competition and it was a last minute decision while having a 5 minutes break during my Geriatric examination!

Secondly, I SPRAINED my leg before the video shoot took place..I playd soccer as usual that evening with my frens at the padang but u know the uneven field in k17 padang...! I sprained as a result...AND IT AFFECTED ME DURING THE VIDEO SHOOT! DAMMNN!~

Thirdly...I gave a lot of trouble to Geo and Bung in the process...Geo helped me to record the video using Bung's camera...and i told him before that the process will only take 10-15 minutes. but it ended up almost 1 HOUR due to some limitations! but he kept on sayin, "it's ok bro, u just take ur time, i'll b ur man to record the video no matter how long it takes" SORRY Geo...and then i had Bung to help me with the editing part...he was in a rush 4 his exam as well, and he still did a very quality editing 4 me coz i did it last minute! Imagine he edited on the last day of the video submission date! Thanks a lot Bung n sorry the vid didnt go thru!

And now, I need a simple reason why it got rejected! HHHAAAAIIIHHHZZZZZ.....Dammnn Sad!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


As I was stressed up studyin for my exams, I received a call yesterday bout 9.10pm, my mum called me up and was very excited!
I was like WHY?!
Then I knew that the advertisement I did for Astro is already on air...
Waaallaaooweei! haha...
It's an ad for a local tamil program called "60 sec to fame" on Astro Vaanavil (channel106).
I haven't watch yet, but my mum said it's nice. She saw me dancin on TV at last! lol...Can't wait to watch it...for now...