Friday, July 25, 2008

Junior's Day 08/09

Gary beat me to this post... But I'll be doing one nevertheless... Haha

CSSUPM had their annual juniors day recently to welcome all the 1st years Catholic Juniors into the family away from home...

Juniors day1

Upon arrival, one would be greeted by these few young ladies with their widest smiles, welcoming you to the humble chapel... These few young ladies are in charge of the registration table. Juniors arriving at the chapel will have to see them before they can enter...

Juniors day6
~The Juniors being stopped by the Chapel guards and are 'forced' to submit their particulars or face the consequences... (Jk)~

The schedule of what was going to happen was written on the notice board...

Juniors day2
~The agenda of the day... (Lunch was free by the way so if you missed it... Tough luck :P )~

While waiting for the event to start, the seniors and the juniors chit chatted... Allowing both sides to know each other better...

Juniors day4
~Olivia... Chatting with some others~

Juniors day5
~Waiting to begin~

Juniors day3
~Dominic is staring at somebody...~

The event started off with the new 1st years introducing themselves to everyone else.

Juniors day7

Juniors day8
~Some of the new juniors~

Soon after the introductions was completed, the praise and worship team went on...

Juniors day9

Juniors day10
~The praise leaders...~

Juniors day11
~The musicians~

Juniors day12
~Walter is getting 'personal' with Clement :)~

And everyone sang and dance till their hearts drop out...

~Or rather its just Clement and the guys whose hearts drop out~

Juniors day13
~Making peace with each other~

Juniors day14
~Hugs are included as well~

After being heated up by the Praise and Worship... Everyone got into smaller groups for the Games session...

Juniors day15
~Clement taking charge~

Juniors day16
~New faces~

Juniors day17
~Old faces~

Juniors day18
~New and old together~

Juniors day19
~Clarice being intimidating~

Juniors day20
~The 'chain'... They are playing charade~

Juniors day21
~London bridge??? Nope... Its a toaster... Use your imagination...~

Juniors day22
~A fan...~

Juniors day23
~John: I'll huff and puff and blow you humans away~

Juniors day24
~The human train~

Devebra, and Leslie came on after the games to talk a little bit about the history of the chapel... Like how the tree fell down on a rainy day... And when there was no electricity and water..

Juniors day25

Juniors day26

And then Nanaq came on and gave his advice as well...

Juniors day27

And we got thrown back into another game... Refer to previous post for more photos of this game...

Juniors day28

And then... What everyone was waiting for... The FOC lunch...

Juniors day29

Juniors day30
~The menu of the day~

While most are eating... someone tried to play the keyboard... Could it be... New musicians??

Juniors day31

And before leaving, everyone got together for a group photo...

Juniors day32
~Normal group photo~

Juniors day33
~Group photo of Clement being harassed~

Just wanna say 'Welcome to all new members of this Family of ours... Enjoy your stay with us'

Juniors day34

Friday, July 18, 2008

Elmo vs Spongebob!!~

Megat vs Gary...

Spongebob la menang! Lol

Friday, July 11, 2008

Latest Football Kits 08/09 Season !

Football kits have never failed to impress me especially Nike endorsed merchandise. People who are close to me or see me daily know im one of the craziest jersey collector around! Haaiihhzzz...really spend a lot for it. To date, i own:-
1. England Away 06/07 With Num 10 Owen

2. Manchester United Home 08/09 Custom made with my name Gary Num7

3. England Home 07-09 With Num 7 Beckham

4. Tottenham Hotspur Home 07/08

5. Portugal Away 08/09 With Num 7 Ronaldo

So far, these are the genuine jerseys that I own. I do own a lot of fake jerseys which u can buy in Petaling STreet, haha....but that's not the collectors business.

And as we all know, the new season of Euro08 just passed and the new season of league football around Europe is going to start real real soon. Hence, all the football clubs...ermm, not all la, some of it came out with their new kits to start the season fresh. So, let me review some with u guys....

Let's kick of with my favourite team...Tottenham Hotspur. The white(centre) is the new home kit of 08/09 while the blue is the away kit and the black is the 3rd kit.

Next, let's move on to Manchester United. Their home jersey still remains the same red that they wore last season and this blue is the new Away Kit of 08/09.

This white is the 3rd kit of Manchester United in the new 08/09 season.

Im really diggin' this one right here...Queens Park Rangers with their new home 08/09 kit with Gulf Air as it's sponsor. Pretty cool with the arab writings on it.

Liverpool was not left behind....this is their new Away kit of 08/09. Ok ok laaaa...

This is Liverpool's 3rd kit of 08/09....The colour remind me of Liverpool back in 1990's.

Ok guys....the next time u see me with a new jersey would be with West Ham's new Away kit of 08/09. This jersey really attracted me the first time I saw it and it captured a place in my wanted list! Hehehe

Celtic's new home kit of 08/ much difference from the previous one i reckon!

This is a not bad effort from the Celtic team. New Away kit of 08/09. Really cun man...

Chelsea's new Away Kit of 08/09. The collar is the new Germany jersey's template. And guys, this jersey resembles the referee jersey ryte?! haha.

At last fulham came out with a nice piece of artwork! haha. The new home 08/09 jersey is better off than the previous collar jersey in 07/08. Collar shirt mind u! lol

The new boys of English Premier League...Hull City with their new Home 08/09 jersey. Looks like Malaysia Home jersey ryte? hahaha

Bad bad choice by the gunners i guess. The new Home of 08/09 is not so catchy as the 07/08 kit. The away jersey even more worst man. Too bad i dun have the pic!.

Aston Villa Home 08/09. No comments la coz it's all the same as previous wan except for the change of new sponsor, acorns.

Atletico Madrid Home 08/09. Not bad.

This wan really nice lehh...Barcelona Away 08/09.'s some national team kits....Korea Home and Away 08/09....Same colours but templates differ frm the previous one.

Who can forget this guys man! haha...the Euro08 hero's showing off their traditional Red Jersey and Away kit of 08/09.

For the first time...USA football jersey captured my eyes! hehe. Home kit of 08/09.

I wanted this for long long time ago! A Singapore jersey for myself but evrytime when im about to buy it, I will think twice coz if I wear S'pore jersey here in Malaysia, PELIK PULAK! haihhzzz...Still thinking! Anywayz, the red one is the Home Kit 08/09 while the Blue is Away kit.

INDIAAAAA! WTF?! People will be like, " Since when Indians start kickin balls?" hahaha. The last time I saw them kickin was on tv for world cup qualifying and they wore some motherf***in bundle jersey. And im really really really impressed with this new kit of India! Well Done NIKE! Im gonna cope this as well sooner or later!

Last but not least, Japan showing off their new Home Kit of 08/09. Better than the last time la. Mad props!

Actually there are tons and tons of new jersey launched but I don't seem to have the stamina to post all that.haha. For more info, visit Cun website!