Sunday, December 20, 2009

Macam Harammmm ~ :P

Pppfffttttt, yearly in my residential college, they'll only organize 17 Idol and stuff like that but this year round, they organized "17 Got Talent" which means there's a possibility I will enter since I suck in singing, so "17 Idol" is a big NO NO for me.... haha. So here's the so-called journey of mine in the competition...

At first was reluctant to join as I was busy with monthly assessments and final year project proposal preparation bla bla...till somethin triggered me to join (which im still not sure about!).haha...we had a 1 week long leave before the week of the competition begins. So was kinda preparin a bit on how n wat to perform during the holidays till I realised the date for the audition clashes with one of my paper! Same day same time! haha...Hence, I kinda stop practisin n preparin coz tot of not joining it since test is more important. :P Informed the committee that im not joining the competition few days before the audition.

BUT....haha, one of the committee Pakee called me a day before the audition and said they can wait for me to finish my exams and then join the audition. They can delay the time and put me as one of the last contestants to perform n things like tat. I waS like, OMG!!! dah la tak prepare apa-apa, then had to focus on exams pulak tu! then I said darn it la, the last resort -> FREESTYLE ! hahaha....edited the song to perform n was hearing it while I was studyin for my test on the next day.

The day came, was busy preparin for exams...and the talent of course! haha...8pm, my exam started and scheduled to finish at 9pm. Came out at 9pm and straight went to the hall where the audition was held. Fuuuhhhhh, quite packed with people and the audition was underway when i reached there. At that point of nerve started to wreck up! haha....contestant 11, my turn came...and as usual I bodohkan myself and freestyled with no direction! Dammmmnnnn.....that was nt the main prob, another prob came up. Sound system macam %#*@(!& !!! haha…my song stops halfway here n there due to the PA system prob and at last I decided to stop dancing as I cant really hear the song. Haha…dah la macam bodoh, malu pulak tu!...but the judges of the day gave good comments n stuffs like tat. Took it as a consolation and decided to leave the hall as was ashamed and tot wud not be in the final. Seow held me back n said wait, I’ll sure get thru! Haha, hearing him, I stayed back till the end.

Mana tau…6 finalist…and im IN! haha…unexpected coz my performance was really crap! And yeahh…im in the final! The post will come up soon….this is it for now ;)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Squirrel !~

Yess...I know it's been a while(ages) since I last blogged! Sorry peeps, was busy at first with you know Uni live and after exams...was too lazy to post!, i'll get the ball rolling, thx to my Birthday! hehe...This year's Birthday was an extraordinary...seriously! I got the present which I could not ask for more! :) ....
To think of it, am I officially 23 kah?! haha...I know i look like a kiddo! :P....aite, will be back soon with more post (Hopefully!!~)haha....Happy Birthday again Squirrel! Im the Squirrel by the way :P...duhhh obviously!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Battleground TV Commercial !~

Here's the video of the TV commercial for Battleground on Astro that I was involved recently...Im wearin purple, so can see me wan la, no need to worry~ :P...will upload the photos soon!~

Friday, September 25, 2009

Collecting...and still am!~

Got my gears tight...

Got my maps right....

Here is the result!~

Collecting...and yearning for more... :P

Friday, September 18, 2009

Nahhh, im still Spurs !~

Hi hi hi..~
haha, it's kinda weird's been ages since the last time i've blogged.

So "Gary-ish" according to Chua et al, 2009 !~ haha...

Haha, u must have guessed ryte, those citation above influnced me for the past 2 months with my Project Paper preparation. Research research research! All about reading, reading, reading...~ By the way, let me introduce to u dear readers my title for the research, "Factors Associating Energy Balance among Athletes in National Sports Institute, Bukit Jalil". hehe ;)
Sounds hard and memang it is very hard to conduct the study...hope evrythin goes smoothly.. :), my post about a thing happened quite sometime ago...Malaysia XI vs Manchester United ! haha...
Im nt a Man Utd fan myself, but im totally crazy for Ronaldo. Hence the Man Utd jersey that I own...hmmmph...n tot he might be coming for the friendly match against Malaysia, I bought the RM98 ticket! Manatau Real Madrid snubbed him few weeks before the match is scheduled! Dammmnnnnn~ but I still went for the match for a reason, my childhood hero! Micheal Owen!~ hehehe..Not too bad afterall...~

I got a lil kind of bad history watchin Malaysia matches live at the stadium, i've never celebrated a goal yet as all the matches i've been, Malaysia unable to score...haha, but this time evrythin changed! I celebrated twice beb! Versus Man Utd pulak tu! Oiisshhhh, at last I get to soar my Malaysia flag high! It ended...

Malaysia XI 2-3 Mancheter United

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Kid with his 2nd TV Ad Commercial !~

It's Break Out & Joget Time!!~
Back into business again 2nd TV Ad commercial shoot ! ;)
It's done at Astro for a reality TV Dance Program called BattleGround shown on channel 311 (Wah Lai Toi) ! Together with me there were 4 more high-profiled dancers in Malaysia involved in this commercial ad namely Chris of So You Think You Can Dance?, Azim from Wakaka Crew, Saif and Michael were 2 foreigners from MMU Cyberjaya!~ My first time dancin with this guys which i've observed them from far before this.haha...
Look out for the Ad, airing around 23rd August in all Astro channels if im nt mistaken.. ;)
Just a teaser, will update more after it is released...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

MJ -> YA -> BR

At first there went Michael Jackson for away from the earth...a sudden one! But his legacy still live on...he topped the charts in terms of the Favourite Song of the week and Best Selling Album of the week (for WEEKS!!!)... There goes my idol!~

Then followed by the pretty Yasmin Ahmad, who is very famous for promoting multiracial relation among Malaysians in her movies and advertisement.

Soon after, the legend Sir Bobby Robson passed away as well. The well known footballer on the pitch will be remembered as the famous player and coach in various clubs. He brought England to the semi-final o f1994 World cup where they lose out on penalties...His legacy still remains as well!~

Friday, July 24, 2009

8tv's Shout Awards!~

SHOUT AWARDS! Wooohhooo~ Lost 1/2 of my voice there...Got free tickets from my bro, so I went there with him after the Manchester United training session in the evening. Was held at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil, just opposite the stadium. My first time in an award show, was a real fun....coz its free for me!~ haha...
Too bad didn't get to see Joe Flizzow and Sean Kingston perform coz need to rush back to college before 12 midnite...dammmnnn!~.....

The red carpet...

Before it all begins...

Stand at the front to shake hands with most of the artists!~ woohhhooo~

Marion !~ owhhh.....~
Pop Shuvit performing...
Marion again! Can't get my eyes off her! :P

Nikki and Shila...~ Nikki sexy siot~ :P

Bunkface!~ Top winners of the day...

Kevin, me and Datuk Tony Fernandes

Caprice rappin...

Jin Hackman and Rogue Squadron...

Fly FM's pagi show...Phat Fabes, Nadia and Ben~

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Internship Aftermath!~

Been almost 2 weeks since my internship at Institut Sukan Negara officially ended!~ It was really a freak and unforgettable experience for why it is!~

I played around!~

Slept after gym sessions !~ haha

Playd around with no directions!~ haha....

Wonderin why the grass was so green at times~

Meet experts of sports nutrition...

Build rapport with colleagues...

Fully utilized the free gym provided...hehe!~

And more importantly, pics with National Athletes!~

Chong Tan Fook

Datuk Lee Chong Wei

Mr Universe Sazali Samad

Foong Seow Ting

Wong Choong Hann

Lee Wan Wah

Roslin Hashim

V. Saravanan

Hockey athletes at gym...

and many more which I didn't had the opprtunity to take pic with.... :(

Those are only the pics of me playin n foolin around apart from seriously concentrating my nutrition practical training, did learn a lot and gained a lot as well from ISN. Was a memorable one for me...!~

Friday, June 12, 2009

Just keeping in touch... :P !~

Im still alive! haha, sorry 4 the delay in posting stories on my blog..been busy with practical n stuffs!~
weekend also busy la...haha

AIte, will be back with more updated version of "Break Out & Joget"!~
Stay tuned folks~

Thursday, May 21, 2009

MASUM 2009 !~

Majlis Sukan Universiti Malaysia or more prominently known as MASUM is the most anticipated games by University students where lots of talented athletes gather to battle against each other for the pride of their University. This time, it is held in Universiti Utara Malaysia, somewhere near Sintok in Kedah. It was my first time in MASUM to represent UPM for Futsal :). We started the selection and training for futsal as early as February, lots hardwork and commitment were shown in order to be selected in the team. Was quite hard as more than 30 potential UPM futsal-ers shortlisted by the coach came to try their luck and only 12 of them will be selected for MASUM. Thank God I did my best and got selected for the team!~ :)
So off we depart to Kedah with full of hope and confidence...left UPM around 11.45pm and reached there around 7am..was really a tiring journey, but my teamates had fun karaoke-ing all the way there! lol....
As soon as we reached there, we had some rest and at 2pm we went sight seeing pulak! haha..we went to Padang Besar, the border between Malaysia and Thailand! haha...nak massage pun boleH~ lol...We actually had lots of fun before the competition begin coz we went there 3 days before our 1st we went to Kuala Perlis, Changloon, etc etc...
Ok, back to MASUM...overall, UPM lost the competition in group stages, which is very sad...first game was against UITM, semi-finalist in the previous MASUM..I was not given a chance to play in that game coz before MASUM we had several friendly matches and I was not on it's my fault la! :(...we lost the first match 4-1 to the next match was do or die against the home team, UUM!...most of their players are from Thailand who are studyin there, so they are considered good la...this time I was given a chance to play, n I did well...I scored 1 goal, but was disallowed coz of foul play! Daammnnn..~...we were very near to winning the match, but coz of bias n factors related to home team advantage, they won 5-4 at the very last minute! Shhiiittt!~
But it was a very valuable experience least I tried my best 4 UPM!~ :), here's some snapshots at random order! :)

Teamates at Padang Besar

Align CenterWith UM's banner

On the way to Kuala Perlis..:)

With a donkey! haha

Raja Lawak UPM...!~ lol

On match day...

Me and Kahiruddin...



I was handed over the num 10 jersey! wwoohhooo..!~

Showing off my jersey n the shoes! haha..:P

Alor Star !~

Me and Fakhrul...Fakhrul played for Malaysian team in Slovenia last year...

Touchdown at UUM at 9am in the morning

During Majlis Penyerahan Bendera

The Squad...Futsal UPM 2009!~...3 more ppl missing from the pic..:P