Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dedicated to 2009!!~

Realized somethin?! It's offircially my first post 4 the new year! Haha, i've been seriously slackin la beb...So what's up wit me after 2 weeks of New Year?! hmm, lets see...celebrated my New Year with cousins in Seremban, which was really a blast! After that, back to UPM and my daily routine continues as usual...haha...but I would say 11th of Jan was very significant to me coz it brought back my memories of 21st Nov (my b'day). It's like this, Bung and Annas actually planned a suprise celebration for me and Seow on 11th Jan coz my b'day was during the sem break while Seow was busy on his birthday. So it's like a double celebration! :) Actually I got tricked into it coz I knew the plan initially and I tot it's 4 Seow ny, but Bung n Annas played me! haha...

The belated Birthday Boys!~

Aktiviti suap menyuap! haha...our tradition, lol

pardon Annas people, he wasn't tryin to b sexy! ;p

This was my present frm Bung n Annas...thx a lot beb, this really gonna help me for MKSP end of this month :)

That's not all, on the same day, Geo tricked me too! He smsd me that night n pretend to be angry with me n said wanna meet me as soon as possible!~ haha, I tot he was really mad at me because of somethin but his whole intention is to se me as soon as possible!haha...n lastly, he passed me a bag n said "Happy Birthday" ! I was shocked! coz whn I saw the present, it's actually the cap I wanted to buy in Echo Park months ago...I went with Geo to Mines n was lookin at this cap, but tak jadi beli as I was financially tight that time and soon after that I dropped the plan to buy this cap.haha...THANK YOU VERY MUCH GEO!~

Adding another 1 to my collection !~

Then my brother Bung called me up to help him to coach the college's woman futsal team..for the 2nd consecuitve year!~ Thanks Bung for the chance u gave me...coz throughout the journey, I learnt a lot and made frens as well! Was kind of hard la to coach a woman's futsal team, but it was a total fun! The team draw twice n lost once in the tournament...not bad la!~ Very good d leh... :)
Congratz to the team!~

Me givin some team talk during half time..