Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Converse All STar!~

Im goin ol' skool baby!~


Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Mighty Turks !!!

Okay!~, I've neva post anything related to Euro2008 in detail yet coz i have a lot to say about each and every game but then malasla nak post every single comment. UNTILLLLL, the MIGHTY TURKS really captured my eyes and attention in this running EURO2008.
I would rather say them as "The Last Ditch Effort Heroes (LDEH)" or maybe "The Joy Destructors (TJD)"!

Why the "LDEH or JD" ?

1. Turks played a sloppy opening against Portugal where they lost 2-0 and considered as one of the weak teams around in Euro2008 which of course 'blinded' Switzerland and the Czechs. This game proved to be the whole turning point....

2. They played their second group match with one of the co-host Switzerland which saw Switzerland leading them 1-0 thanks to the Turkish-born-player Hakan Yakin who played for the Swiss. But then, a wonderful comeback by the Turks where Senturk who came on as a substitue in the 2nd half pulled one back and they stayed level at 1-1 BUT who will predict Arda Turan, the Galatasaray midfielder to score a deflected goal at the brink of full time in 90 + 2 minutes!!!

3. Third group game was against Czech Republic who were considered as favourites to reach the quater-finals and also to win against the Turks. All went according to predictions but only until the 75th Minute. The last 15 minutes is what I consider as a magic show by the Turks! They were 2-0 down and looks set to be kicked out of the group stage. Then came Arda Turan again to salvage a goal out of nowhere and it stayed 2-1 to the Czech till the 88th minute and all set to progress to the quater-finals. Brrraaahhhh, then came a blunder by Petr Cech (considered as one of the best keeper in the world) which gave Nihat Kahvechi his first Euro2008 goal and brought the game to 2-2. Just before I could think what, how, where, when and why- TURKS SCORED ANOTHER GOAL FOR GOD SAKE! It was Nihat again and this time it was really a fantastic goal! A Real Drama....~

4. That's not the end! As we know, the swept aside Czechs to progress to the quater-finals and this time around, they meet Croatia (also considered one of the favourites in Euro2008 since they won all their group match and conceded only 1 goal). So once again Turks are underestimated. The full time stayed 0-0 and both teams had decent chances and efforts. Then came extra time where they will play till the 120th minutes. I tought it will finish 0-0 and go into penalties, then tiba-tiba came Ivan Klasnic to score in the 118th minute! Got it?! 118th minutes balls! I was like muthafuckas, pe pu, pukimak and all! Tot thats the end of the road at last for the turks coz there's no way they can score! Just imagine, they had 118th minutes before that to score but they didnt and u think they will score a goal in 2 minutes! IMPOSSIBLE! DAAYYMMM. But but but....there's the but in every Turkey game! I dunno what jampi or bomoh or whatever tactic they use, they scored a GOAL weeyyhh in the 120th minutes! WHo would have tought that! This time, i was really on my knees and on the brink of "tears of joy" in front of my Tv.! (eventhough im not a turkey fan). WHO COULD BELIEVE IT???!! I really couldnt believe my eyes. WHat else, the game went into penalties and the Turks won it 3-1. Now tell me, aint the Turks Mighty?!

And now, they set up the Semi-finals against The Germans. Hmmm, I wonder how Germans gonna suffer now! lol.

Anyway, PADAN KASI MUKA CROATIA! HAHAHAH. Damn fuckin happy for theM! lol.


1. I really hated the croats since they were the cause England didnt make it to the EURO 2008 and...

2. They made me cry on the 22nd November 2007 when they beat England 3-2 in the Euro2008 qualifiers! Seriously, I cried wearing the ENgland jersey on in front of the TV.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

When Indian machas turun for some snooker action!~

Haha, as from the title above, u must have figured out ryte! lol. Anywayz, snooker was not my thing till i was form 4 or 5 when i first had my touch on that cue and snooker table! Used to skip saturday classes and tutions for this man! lol. Can't be said an expert la, but gaya tu ada la! The last time i played was durin my form 6 time, and after more than 2 years gap, im there again. This time with sinju Keshminder Singh and Tanaraj. Learned some new terms and techniques like 'sodakkk' and ****** way to sharpen using the chalk(watch the video). Really TOP CORNER ler!~ :P

This bastard gaya jer lebih!~

Haha...****** macha!

Somehow ny arranged the balls! Experts, correct or not the arrangements?!
After that went to Madam Kun's cafe...Tana ordered Almond Tea which really tasted like Antibiotic! Uuuwweeekkk...~

Sleepless Nightz!~ Haiihhhzzz...

Haiihhhzzz and wwoooaahhh (yawning) is the frequent notes that i utter from my mouth every single day since 8th June until i think 30th June!haha... Euro2008 is driving me crazy! During the World Cup 2002 in Korea and Japan, Asians got the privilege to watch games in the evening and during the dawn, BUT THAT WAS THEN! Eversince, we especially S.E Asians have to stay up late at night to catch the most anticipated tournament (after world cup) !Haiihhzzz, i know im not the only one in this situation and luckily, im on my sem break now! hahaha. Everyday wait until 12 am to catch the first game and then sleep at 5 am after watching the last game for each day. ANyway, it's all in the fun since it's goin to end soon!~

This is my match tracker pasted outside my room door!~ and Thanks to my shandy and snacks that has been my company after 12 am~! haha

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Agniputra feat K-Town Clan - On Fire

Yes Yes, u heard it here. JBC is back on the map ya'll! Here's a track by Big Ben together with homies of K-Town Clan titled On Fire. The whole family up in this, watch out for Altimet the K.O.M.Y, Excaliber of Voyeur, Roshan of K-Town Clan and whole bunch of Hip-hop movers in Malaysia! Damnn, i missed the video shoot! :P

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Pics that make me THINK and LAUGH sometimes !

Found this "WOnderFul" spot near my place in JB . haha, situated in Bukit Indah, n look how INDAH it is! :p
Okay, u must be wondering after viewing tis pic down here. I was like STUNNED when i first saw him, err, shud i say her?! haha, saw this person in MRT in Singapore. Wantd to take pic wit the person but ended up a candid pic~

Okay, this pic really made me think few times! Holy shyyt, look at the babies and most of all, the price it's sellin at! Want to get one of those, can get it in ' Ltd Edt', Queensway Shopping Complex Singapore.
Yeaa, im lovin this pic! My dad showed this article to me after i had my piercing. He said, i'll look more cool like this! hahaha.
Believe it or not, she has thousands of piercings on her body! Wonder how she wash her face! haha. Article taken frm The New Paper S'pore.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Petrol & Diesel Hike in Malaysia...Dammnnn!~

Owhh Shyyt Fcuk...i really hated this man! I was in the queue to pump petrol at around 8pm and i got my turn at around 11.15pm. It's a whole damnn 3 Hours maynn~

At a point of time, i just offed my car and was waitin at the roadside while havin a chat wit the public. Imagine the congestion!~ haha