Monday, April 27, 2009

Check check 1,2 !~

Haha...i almost forgot my password to log into my blog! That shows how lackin I cud have been in updatin! lol

Aite..i'm back, fresh n relaxed! Full of stories n experience to share on my blog (Finish exam d!!!, hahaha)!
First of all! I got new futsal KICKZ! hehe..

Nike5 T-3 FS

Some stuffs happened, to be brief...went movie watchin with my frens...but ended up sleepin in the cinema around 10-15 mins! haha..guess wat movie? Fast n Furious 4!!! lol...ppl was wonderin how I cud sleep while watchin an interesting movie?! haha,...sorry Bung, no offence! couldnt help it bro...I went out dating in the morning remember? so was tired la... :-)

then...exam came...and it's finally OVER!~...hehe...then..

Recently been busy trainin futsal for MASUM (Majlis Sukan Antara Universiti) which is just around the corner...and one fine bad day, was dribbling the ball wit my new kick n guess wat?! I accidently stepped on the ball n lost balance n feel awkwardly n....hit my head hard on the goal post! Real real hard!!! I tot my kapala pecah d, thank god nothin bad happened...just swelled like an obese PIG!~ haha...sakit gila babi!~ Bag of ice helped me reduce the pain n the swellin! :(

And after our exams were, Nicholas, Felix and Geo went out 4 some fun..then we ended up in the video games section n these 3 guys ended up playin basket ball! haha, Felix won of course! if not, Choo Yan would KILL him! haha...

More to come...will be back real soon!~ :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

CSSUPM Annual Dinner 2009 Performance!~

Yupzz, i know i've yet to do a post about the dinner which happened like 2 forthnights here's a sneak preview of wht happened during the event. Let's start with my performance for the day... ;)

And yeahh, pardon me at the last part...we darnn tired n out of stamina...was so weak to support my whole body... :P

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Chicks n Kickz!~

Now u guys might know why im into kicks ryte?! haha, lol...actually nt! But i've no idea why chicks n kickz are always inter-related...maybe they look fine with those kickz!~ No idea how they look??...view some pics down here.. :)
By the way, im not into these girlz kay...just the kickz!~ :)

I can just sleep on those shoes too!!~ Damnn...

Introducin Yaya with her Yellow Nike Dunk High colourway!~

This is Sylvia...with Nike SB High...Baby Bear edition...

Sylvia again...with Nike SB Mosquito Low Cut

If im not mistaken, she's with ATMOS shoe...correct me if im wrong...

She again (dunno her name) with Nike Dunk High...forgot the name of this show...wanted to buy this, but low in budget ... :(

And yeah...this is just the preview...dozens more pics but i cant be postin all here ryte.. :P
Just wantd to share wit u guys... ;)