Saturday, August 30, 2008

Back in jb! breakin free now from all the assignments and projects in UPM. Break at last but only for 4 days!
will return with more posts on MAHA, Natyanjali and school visits for my Health Promotion program!
Till then...Peace!~!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sapu Habis!!!

Remember the last post I did about "A Nite of Natyanjali"? haha..WE WON BABY!!!! Unbelievable siaaa....we tot we could win, but not this much man! Seriously sapu habis the piala and also sapu somethin somethin,hahahah, only we know(Hanusha akka, Raj anna, Sham, Mira, Sonia,Yi Pei, Geo, Wadi, Harvin, Suzanne, Dev, Anuar, Vivian, Syamil, Yusri, , Dr Awang and the rest of the crew). Congratz to the team, we actually showed people somethin! We got interviewed by Astro tau! haha...Thanks guys for all the efforts!

I'll post the video and more pics when i get it from the rest. For now, some snippets!

The great choreographers! Thanks anna 4 bearing with me throughout this past 3 years and all the steps u gave me with lots of sweats and thanks akka for showing some Indianish in me and shapping me up to be more flexible plus bringin me out from my usual street dance world!

Can't believe siaaa....we made it man!

Friday, August 22, 2008

It's coming!....

A Nite of Natyanjali is on the way! Few hours left....!

Intense practice on the way....awaitin the hour to arrive!

Will post the rest tomm! Peace!~

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Haha...i think im goin to post a lot of ppl's birthday this month! lol..

Happy Birthday Kalai!!! It's his Birthday on 20th August 2008

K17 ppl, he want to belanja us all McD on 2oth night, wait at foyer FPSK at 8.30 pm....bus will be watin thr.hahaha

Vichenda macha unneke appe!!

Motte Boss!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Busy Weekend !

A real busy weekend for me I could say which started Firday night itself where my residential collage organized "Fiesta Blok 17". I participated in the so-called Football Freestyle but ended up being a "Ball Juggling" competition.haha. I was the champion though! lol

Showing off?! Naahh... :p

Slept kinda late that Friday coz knew I would b busy durin the weekends, so tried to finish up my assignments and reports. Saturday came n I was up early , as early as 7.00 am coz there's a briefing regarding the part time job on Sunday. Haihhzzz! Couldnt wake up, luckily Cheong Heong woke me up knocked my door to wake me up! haha. It ended around 9.00am and I had my dance practise at 10am. Really rushed my way coz I had to wash my cloths which I kelpt for several days soaked! haha. The practise was tiring n ended around 2.00 pm. After tat, rushed back to my room to finish up the bulletin for my Chapel and went to Old Flat to photostate it. The process went on till 4.00pm. Then only had my lunch! Hmmm... Still, i didn't had time to put myself into rest mode coz had to be at the Astro Studio to shoot an advertisement for em. It's for a program called " 60 seconds to fame" in Tamil version for Astro Vaannavil. It ended around 8.00 pm and then had to rush back to UPM for mass in chapel at 8.30 pm.
Temporary access to Astro Studio, tight seurity man!

The studio I was in for the ad. Saw a few celebrities walking around in Atro...was shocked sial! lol. seen them on tv before la, but dun know their names! haha

Astro studio in Seri kembangan

was really really riding my bike full speed man! lol. Mass ended around 10.30 pm and then rushed again to Panggung Percubaan to watch the Choir Competition, but tak sempat! time I went there, it ended already. Sorry Geo n Cat! For ur info, K17 is the Champions AGAIN ! Congratzzz!
Finally had my dinner around 11.00 somethin with Geo in Mamak near UPM!.

Then came sunday which is practically as busy as saturday! Actually had a lot of stuffs happening on that day n I had to sacrifice one of it in order to do the other. Had Part Time job as a Nutritionist in Sunway Covention Centre and also had 3 dance practise sessions on that day in preparation for 'A Nite of Natyanjali' ! Promised to Hanusha Akka and Raj Anna i would come for 1 of their sessions and also go for the job...but ended up goin only for the last 10 minutes of Raj anna's session thanks to Vivian n Prem who fetched me frm Serdang KTM after my part time! haha. SORRY people! (Raj, Hanusha, Geo, Wadi, Anuar, Syamil, Sharmela, Prem, Vivian, Suzzane, Dev, Yi Pei, Mira, Harvinder) Cost u guys much trouble!
Woke up at 6.00 am on Sunday and took the public transport( Bus, KTM and then again Bus) to Sunway Convention Centre for the Health screening job.
On the tables of the screening

Lab coat provided Elken company...lots of visitors that day tought we were doctors man! lol

Was a really wonderful experience, learned a lot that day! For the first time, we had to prick their fingers for blood and test their Glucose and Cholesterol level. Then came thousands of questions from the people who came for the assesment about their health and modification. Was busy frm morning till eveining, no time to even rest sia. Now I appreciate every single course that I take in the past 2 years of my study including Counseling course in Fakulti Pendidikan. :) Ended around 6 somethin n reached my collage at around 10.30 pm, again thanks to Vivian n Prem! haha

Frm left: Tiffany, Zahid, Eva, Gary, Gigi, Mursyid, Kew n Cheong Heong! haha

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy B'day Rue!

Thanks to her birthday, I have something to update in my blog.hahaha...that evening, we celebrated her b'day at Petronas near Seri Kembangan! haha...funny ryte?? dun ask why we ended up there!lolMe and Miss Rue

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Point Blanc feat Jin- One Day !

The Ipohmali boy makin' Malaysians proud once more with the feature of Mc Jin in this new joint. Watch it people! Feel how proud they are being chinese....Beijing Olympics is here by the way! 08-08-08

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Malaysia vs Chelsea ( 29th July 2008) !!!

Should be one of my happiest day! The second time watching a Premier League team in action live after watching SIngapore vs Newcastle United like 10 years back.Damnn yesss baby....the feeling being in Shah Alam Stadium beats having sex.( Makalele et. al).hahah. Chelsea is in town baby! Eventho' im not an ardent Chelsea fan, but they are still one of the finest football clubs around. So, i didnt miss my chance, grabbed the RM 83 ticket for a better view and also grabbed Chelsea's training Kit for Rm 149 as my remembrance being there.
Went there with my 3 other brothers (Ezman, Sibat and Geo). The best part is all of us went there as Malaysia fans, wearing Malaysia's jersey and carrying Malaysia flags but returned home as Chelsea fan after the "shopping" in the stadium. Worth it la i guess! :p

Lining up my gear for the day!

Shah Alam is so blur as they welcome the Blues!

The training kit that i bought for RM 149!!!

Me, Ezman and Sibat as partially Chelsea and partially Malaysia fans! LolMoment of disbelief! Petr Cech , Cudicini and Hilllario out for their training!

At last, the Chelsea team are out 4 training! I screamed my ass out man!

Supporters from Singapore didnt miss their chance as well
The Chelsea's supportin team came out 4 some socializing time!

Stamford the Lion with Malaysia flag!

The game started....Chelsea is really good man on the pitch!

Waiting anxiously 4 Malaysia to score!

They are waiting too!

We are still waiting! haha

The game ended 2-0...goals by Anelka and Ashley Cole. The scoreline didn't matter tho' as i was thrilled to see all the star studded players for once in my lifetime.

P/s: Lampard is so so so tall man and his face are reddish due to Malaysia's climate!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Be Right Back !~

Hectic environment!
No Internet!
Forced to settle 2 stuffs in 1 time!
Burden's from portfolio's!
Tryin' to get myself back on track

Wait for my return.....!~ :P