Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Squirrel !~

Yess...I know it's been a while(ages) since I last blogged! Sorry peeps, was busy at first with you know Uni live and after exams...was too lazy to post!, i'll get the ball rolling, thx to my Birthday! hehe...This year's Birthday was an extraordinary...seriously! I got the present which I could not ask for more! :) ....
To think of it, am I officially 23 kah?! haha...I know i look like a kiddo! :P....aite, will be back soon with more post (Hopefully!!~)haha....Happy Birthday again Squirrel! Im the Squirrel by the way :P...duhhh obviously!

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SirGeo said...


haha...BEfday Present yg plg "MAHAL" dkt dunia Tuuuu..Wiwittt!!!