Sunday, December 20, 2009

Macam Harammmm ~ :P

Pppfffttttt, yearly in my residential college, they'll only organize 17 Idol and stuff like that but this year round, they organized "17 Got Talent" which means there's a possibility I will enter since I suck in singing, so "17 Idol" is a big NO NO for me.... haha. So here's the so-called journey of mine in the competition...

At first was reluctant to join as I was busy with monthly assessments and final year project proposal preparation bla bla...till somethin triggered me to join (which im still not sure about!).haha...we had a 1 week long leave before the week of the competition begins. So was kinda preparin a bit on how n wat to perform during the holidays till I realised the date for the audition clashes with one of my paper! Same day same time! haha...Hence, I kinda stop practisin n preparin coz tot of not joining it since test is more important. :P Informed the committee that im not joining the competition few days before the audition.

BUT....haha, one of the committee Pakee called me a day before the audition and said they can wait for me to finish my exams and then join the audition. They can delay the time and put me as one of the last contestants to perform n things like tat. I waS like, OMG!!! dah la tak prepare apa-apa, then had to focus on exams pulak tu! then I said darn it la, the last resort -> FREESTYLE ! hahaha....edited the song to perform n was hearing it while I was studyin for my test on the next day.

The day came, was busy preparin for exams...and the talent of course! haha...8pm, my exam started and scheduled to finish at 9pm. Came out at 9pm and straight went to the hall where the audition was held. Fuuuhhhhh, quite packed with people and the audition was underway when i reached there. At that point of nerve started to wreck up! haha....contestant 11, my turn came...and as usual I bodohkan myself and freestyled with no direction! Dammmmnnnn.....that was nt the main prob, another prob came up. Sound system macam %#*@(!& !!! haha…my song stops halfway here n there due to the PA system prob and at last I decided to stop dancing as I cant really hear the song. Haha…dah la macam bodoh, malu pulak tu!...but the judges of the day gave good comments n stuffs like tat. Took it as a consolation and decided to leave the hall as was ashamed and tot wud not be in the final. Seow held me back n said wait, I’ll sure get thru! Haha, hearing him, I stayed back till the end.

Mana tau…6 finalist…and im IN! haha…unexpected coz my performance was really crap! And yeahh…im in the final! The post will come up soon….this is it for now ;)

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bUdaKeCik said...

haha..cun seyh...bile nak ajar aku cha!~..ala..relax ah..slh music..bukan kau~keep it up!~