Sunday, January 3, 2010


End of the wonderful year 2009, reminds me of the best things happened in my life throughout the year...some I may have forgotten, but here are some that left a big impact to me througout the year 2009! Of course theres pitholes sometimes during the year, but it didnt effect me too much tho! It just made me to be a better person. So looking forward for another fantastic year from you! =)

2009 marks the begining of my final year in UPM...4th year! Lot of things was in store 4 me...

Practical Training!
Was one of my best attachment and working experience. Met lots of experts in Nutrition field as well as world class national athletes.

Majlis Sukan Universiti Malaysia (MASUM)!
Got selected to be in the Uni team for futsal...hard work paid off! More than 30ppl was shortlisted for the 12 man team. Who knew I was one of em! Thanks to the talent and the luck that I had...

Final Year Project!
Was very nervous bout this as past seniors gave me a rough idea of how it works and stuff! Was confused on which topic to focus on for my FYP and suddenly sports nutrition struck into my mind. Went up to my supervisor and proposed my own topic, "Factors Associated with Energy Balance among Selected National Athletes in National Sports Institute of Malaysia, Bukit Jalil". He said OK and proceed with the busy schedule began and hopefully soon to end, in 4 months time ;)

Micheal Jackson!
It was not the best moment for me coz he died, its purely coz people realised his existance and talent when he's already gone! So many negative voices and condemn was thrown on him when he was in the tabloid thanks to his popularity. Now, the world misses him...

Manchester United!
Saw Man Utd LIVE! Yesss, im not a Man utd die hard fan...I just loved em coz Ronaldo was playin for em but eventually he was not in the team anymore whn Man Utd came to Malaysia. But I had another reason to be happy about, I finally get to see Michael Owen, my childhood hero! It was satisfying to see him and the rest of the players! =)

17 Got Talent!
A talent show held in my residential college...didnt even bothered to enter at first, but mana tau somehow I joined the comp and won!'s a very sweet thing for me before I leave this college in few months time!

Astro Battleground!
Was called up for an advertisement for Astro channel. Was not the first ad I did, but one of the best as the ad was shown in all channels on Astro unlike the previous ad I did which was only shown on Astro Vaanavil (Tamil channel). Many people came up to me and asked me about it...another dream came true! =)

BEST thing I had for 2009 I would sum up! =) .Waited 23 years for this, knew someone was there for me. Im so lucky to have her and im cherishing every single moment with her. Hope things work out for us in the future. Love You Sayang =)
Alamak..Jiwangnyer Gary!~ =P


idysur tagem said...

congratz bro.2009 was great year for u.

~pRinceSs~ said...

haha.. love u sayang~ :p